PHP Power Generation Plant Limited:

PHP Power Generation Plant Limited is a subsidiary of the PHP Group of Industries.  The PHP Group of Industries is one of the largest corporate groups in the country with consolidated annual turnover of more than Tk. 5,000 crores. The Group provides employment for over 10,000 families directly and another 20,000 through its various subsidiaries and holding companies. It should be noted that our Group’s products, such as CI sheet and glass are used by over 5 crore Bangladeshis in every corner of the country. They are also involved in improving the roads and highways and other infrastructure of the country. As a responsible and ethical corporate citizen, PHP Group of Industries is also one of the highest corporate tax and VAT-payer in Bangladesh.

Increasing the PHP presence in the Capital Markets is a long-term goal of the Group. The philosophy of the PHP Group is to share the wealth and prosperity generated by its various holding companies with the common masses. There are several ways we are approaching this objective:

  • Sponsorship of the PHP First Mutual Fund: we believe that Bangladesh capital market needs to become more institutionalized. We are convinced that to protect the small retail investor from speculative losses, more Mutual Funds are needed. PHP Group wants to take a leadership role in such a noble effort.
  • Listing of every industrial unit that meets the regulatory requirements for IPO: It is the Group’s intention to bring each of its 21 units to the capital markets through the IPO process over time. Here our intention is to both increase the supply of quality scripts in the market and also to share the prosperity of the Group with the retail investors.

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